Beer, Hops, Humulones, & Health

Beer, Hops, Humulones, & Health
April 8, 2013 at Wilde Rover, Kirkland

Werner Kaminsky, Ph.D., Dept. of Chemistry, UW

Researchers recently pinned down the exact structure and arrangement of compounds that flavor one of the world’s oldest beverages: beer. Join UW’s Werner Kaminsky, Ph.D., to discover how he used X-rays to create a more accurate understanding of the structures of humulones, key compounds in hops (an essential ingredient in beer). How might this new knowledge also impact medicines and our health?

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Sorry for some confusion, I messed up the Henrys: Henry the VII made that statement about beer, I do not at the moment know about his love life. Henry the VIII seems not to have changed the point of view on hops, though this specuation aside, his son with Anne Bolyen is indeed Edward the 6th.


I actually am interested I the study of beverages and the quality they attain towards aging. I have indeed heard a lot about the exact structure and arrangement of compounds that flavor one of the world’s oldest beverages but were not aware about it completely.

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