Meeting an Olympian

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Meeting an Olympian
By Sophia J.


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Last Friday I didn't have school. My mom and dad and I went skiing near Snoqualmie Pass at Hyak. The trail was covered with snow. It was my first...


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time cross-country skiing. My dad taught me to kick, kick, glide and after awhile I could ski faster than my mom and dad. We heard birds and waterfalls.


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Then we saw a very fast skier. He went four times back and forth. On his third time he went by me and I asked, "Are you an Olympian?" He said "Yes!" We were surprised.


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My mom was going to ask his name but it started to rain. So my mom got my coat. We wanted to find out his name but he left. When we got home my mom sertcht...


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on Google and found out his name. It was hard because he was not on the American team. I still had a picture of him in my head because we watched his cross-country race on t.v. He had black hair and light brown skin. His name was Roberto Carcelen. He was the first Olympian from Peru. I was inspired to learn to cross-country ski and do my best.