Gladys Wilhelmina and Her Long, Blonde, Beautiful Hair

Gladys Wilhelmina and Her Long, Blonde, Beautiful Hair
By Sadie

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Gladys Wilhelmina who had long, blond, beautiful hair. When she was little, she would take twenty-four rings and make little ponytails all over her head.  When Gladys Wilhelmina got older, she would go to the beauty salon every single day. It took six people on ladder to wind her hair on top of her head.

At night Gladys Wilhelmina wrapped her hair in toilet paper to hold it stiff. She needed two extra beds just for her hair. When Gladys Wilhelmina became my Great Grandma, a witch that lived under her bed came and stole her hair while she was sleeping.

When Gladys Wilhelmina woke up, and found that her hair was gone, she looked everywhere. She found the witch and begged her for her hair back. The witch took off her hat and said. Hair "Look at this short spiky turquoise hair! I want long, blonde, beautiful hair!" When Gladys Wilhelmina saw the turquoise hair she said "Oh, I love turquoise! My hair is so much bother! Let's Trade!"

Now Gladys Wilhelmina, with short, spiky hair, spends her days making Gingerbread cookies, while the witch sits and gets her hair done.