A technological journey through the mind, by director James Reeves.

native art

Curator Katie Bunn-Marcuse brings us examples of the Burke’s collection of colorful handcrafted Native American dancing masks, plus rare and beautiful baskets, and other ethnological artifacts.

digging in the dirt

Burke curator Laura Phillips shows us archaeological treasures unearthed in downtown Seattle.

on the road(show)

What’s it like when Antiques Roadshow comes to town? Come along behind the scenes with a local man who brought his collectibles for appraisal when the Roadshow visited Seattle.

chihuly's collections

The world’s most famous glass artist draws inspiration from his eclectic art collections.

twisted flicks

Twisted Flicks – Jet City Improv actors bring their overdub magic to the PIE studios and give us a new take on some of our favorite shows. (Downton Abbey 3.1, anyone?)

lynn shelton

Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton catches up with Enrique Cerna before her new film, Touchy Feely, premieres in her hometown. Lynn talks about the glass ceiling that still exists for women in Hollywood.

nffty opening night

Young filmmakers from around the world converged on Seattle for the NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) Opening Night, and PIE was there to capture the gala and glitz.

siff premiere

With hundreds of films to choose from over 25 days, SIFF turns Seattle into a film-lover's paradise. We talk to SIFF about the red carpet on opening night (Joss Whedon!) and some other stuff.


Meet a young and gifted portrait artist dedicated to immortalizing the faces of his community in South Seattle, and his brother who creates a film to capture his work.