ReScene: capitol hill

The show producers bike through the colorful streets of Capitol Hill to recreate a neighborhood scene from a 1930s photograph.

the no vacation nation

The U.S. is one of only five nations without a mandatory vacation law. [ take our vacation survey ]

ghost town

Rock/electronica group Ghost Town finds a worldwide audience through social media.

hopscotch cd

Residents in Seattle’s Central District create a 1.8-mile-long hopscotch path.

gourmet ice cream

A survey of the creative ice cream flavors found around Seattle this summer.

seattle summer events

Interview with James Keblas from the City of Seattle Special Events Office to highlight upcoming festivals, fairs and events. Interview is on-location at Seattle Center.

you're speaking shakespeare

Vancouver BC's Bard on the Beach Artistic Director Christopher Gaze delivers his witty monologue showing how we all are quoting Shakespeare every day without knowing it.

ReScene: stewart & boren

PIE explorers learn what's replaced the ramshackle church in an old photo taken where Seattle's Denny Regrade meets South Lake Union and Capitol Hill. [More about this church.]

chinatown strut

Here's a piece of advice—never get into a jazz danceoff with a Chinese dragon. Produced by Good Co. and filmed at the Columbia City Theatre in Seattle.

red carpet at SIFF

SIFF 2013 kicks off with Much Ado About Nothing by sci-fi/action director Joss Whedon. The PIE crew talks to Joss and actors Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker, local filmmaker Lynn Shelton, and more!