art seen: first thursday

PIE visits First Thursday in Pioneer Square, the ever-evolving monthly staple for Seattle artists and art-lovers.

jet city improv's blak cloud

Experience Jet City Improv's take on the Salem witch trials, where the audience decides whether someone burns at the stake or is set free.

it's the jam

Experience the thrill and rush of roller derby as Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls' Rain of Terror take on New York's Gotham Girls' Wall St. Traitors in the final night of the 2013 regular season.

parkour in the park

She runs, jumps and scrambles over urban obstacles with the greatest of ease. Brandee Laird introduces us to the art of Parkour at Seattle's Gas Works Park.

the first family of pro squash

A local family has put Seattle on the map when it comes to squash. Meet the Khans - three generations of national and international squash champions.

correo aereo

If a wheel spins fast enough, what happens? It becomes airborne. Correo Aerreo (Spanish for "Air Mail") is a Seattle duo performing traditional Latin American music with their own beautiful, colorful lilt.

the coffinmaker

The wheel of life. It stops turning for all of us. Filmmaker Dan McComb brings a tender look at a Vashon carpenter who makes earth-friendly caskets.

old guy skateboarders

Hard to believe, but the skateboard is over 60 year old. So why shouldn’t a 60 yr old be riding one? Well, they are. We look at the fun that old dudes are having at the skatepark.

ReScene: beacon hill firehouse

A picture of an old fire station leads to a journey to the top of Jefferson Park and a restored and thriving corner of Beacon Hill, Seattle.

bike polo, born in the 206

Beef up that bike, add a mallet and find a hard court and you have a Seattle-born sport that spread worldwide. We go inside the fence as players mash it up and tell us that bike polo is a sport that anyone on a bike can learn.