the african artist's journey

Local artist Marita Dingus always wanted to be a visual artist, but didn't discover her path until a trip to Africa. Now she uses her art to keep African and African-American culture alive. Her work is being shown at the Northwest African American Museum.

music: the kora band

The Kora Band combines traditional West African music with American jazz and has made the traditional 21-string kora, a harp from the West African Mandinka culture, the centerpiece of their sound. Featured Song: "Teriyaa"

life on the ferries

A collection of short anecodotes about peoples' experiences aboard Washington ferries. Film commissioned by Puget Sound Starts Here.

the 493

The AFM Seattle Negro Musicians Union local 493was the union that black musicians formed when they were denied membership in Local 76. Seattle bassist Evan Flory-Barnes narrates a brief history of "the 493."

ReScene: greenwood

Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood then and now.


Macklemore talks about his life, growing up on Seattle's Capitol Hill and working his way into music. In this interview directed by photographer Chase Jarvis, Macklemore speaks about music, rap, race and -- cats. Yes, he dressed up as a cat.

canoe journey

Tribes from all over Puget Sound and British Columbia take part in an annual canoe journey, paddling hundreds of miles to recreate the daily lives of their ancestors. It’s an arduous adventure that celebrates tradition and strengthens culture.

ReScene: la cantina

Visit the street corner in Seattle's South Park where the infamous La Cantina Tavern operated after Prohibition ended. If walls could talk…

pike market ghosts

Look beyond the tourists and fresh fish, and you've got one of the spookiest places in Seattle. We learn why on the Pike Place Market Ghost Tour.

music: touché

Seattle band Touché is influenced by Django Reinhardt and the French gypsy jazz that became every popular in pre-war Paris. Featured song: "Minor Swing" by Django Reinhardt.