crossroads at bellevue

More than just an ordinary mall, the Crossroads in Bellevue acts as a lively hub and gathering place for its multicultural community.

ReScene: rattlesnake lake

A stroll to Rattlesnake Lake reveals the story of
Moncton, a town that once thrived upon its shores.

african american film festival

Now in its 11th year, the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival features films from around the world and by local filmmakers. From an 18th century epic tale to a black Western, sci-fi, animation, and environmental films, catch these and a lot more at the festival focused on films by and about African Americans.

changing wallingford

Compared with communities like Ballard and Capitol Hill, Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood defies easy description. Now, things are changing , as businesses close, new ones take their place and one very old shoemaker hangs on.

harriet bullitt

Harriet Bullitt, daughter of KING Broadcasting founder Dorothy Bullitt, has made a huge impact on Central Washington's arts and cultural life with philanthropic investments in theaters, performance organizations and festivals.

rainier beach urban farm

Rainier Beach Urban Farm produces fresh organic food for local food banks on their eight-acre site.

lion dance

The LQ Lion Dance group performs at Lunar New Year Celebrations in Seattle's International District.

ReScene: poulsbo church

Experience the changes of a place over time on a visit to a church in Poulsbo, Washington.

seattle great wheel

Bill Radke chats with Kyle Griffith, son of Pier 57 owner Hal Griffith, about why the Griffith family built the Seattle Great Wheel.

ReScene: suquamish totem

An old picture of a totem pole leads us to Suquamish, a quiet reservation by the sound steeped in Native history.