Local 360, Bastille, Satay

Local 360

Local 360
Local 360 Website
234 1st Avenue
Seattle, Washington  98121
  • American
  • Belltown
  • $$


Bastille Website
5307 Ballard Avenue Northwest
Seattle, Washington  98107
  • French
  • Ballard
  • $$


Satay Website
1711 North 45th Street
Seattle, Washington  98103
  • Malaysian
  • Wallingford
  • $


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Yikes! Reviewer #3 (the one who recommended local 360) take it down a notch. IMO, she was being a bit too harsh on the other restaurants. Sometimes a bad attitude will get you bad service! I'm still going to try satay and bastille. They both looked good and the food looked very yummy!


I have eaten at Satay several times and the food was always wonderful...if I have a negative experience in a restaurant, I go back at least once more (usually twice) to see if its a theme or if its just a bad day. Everyone has an "off" day and I'm quite sure the folks would have given her a different serving...street food is simple and isn't pretentious....and is often very, very good. Don't let reviewer #3 discourage you from trying Satay...it's yummy and affordable and low key.


I want to know how noisy these restaurant are. I like well designed restaurants that muffle the noise. I just do not like to eat in an echo chamber?

Do they have bicycle parking? Are they on the bus line?

Facebook is not a webpage and like many people we do not use it. Please give your KCTS9.org address for those who do not use commercial social networking. (there are alternatives).

Was not sure if I would like your show but after watching it tonight I do. It is fun and informative.


Glad you enjoyed the show! We are excited to be able to share Check, Please! Northwest with you and we love being out in the community and learning more about our viewers and their favorite places!

All three restaurants have a fairly open floor plan, however the reviewers did not comment on the noise level so it must not be excessive. Check out the KCTS9.org/checkplease page (above) and visit the link to the restuarant websites for information, location and ammentities. As the series progresses we hope to add more information to our page as well. Thank you for your suggestions!

Take care and enjoy the show!


Bastille is very, very noisy when it is crowded. However, I have sat in the back bar at off times when it has been not too loud.

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