The Most Shocking Moments in Poldark

Surprises in the first two parts of Poldark

Have you seen the latest stunner from MASTERPIECE, Poldark?! We were hooked on this tragic romance from the moment they flashed backed to Ross and Elizabeth frolicking on the cliffs of Cornwall. So much has happened in the first two episodes. We will focus on the moments that made us jump out of our seats. First, a bit of background…

Fire Up Your Brain Neurons With Summer of Science

Gear up for KCTS 9’s Summer of Science with two new series and an exciting lineup from NOVA, including new episodes. Viewers can travel on safari with Operation Wild, dive into the ocean in Life on the Reef, and even rocket off into space with NOVA. Wherever your scientific destination may be this summer, KCTS 9 has you covered.

KCTS 9’s Summer of Science kicks off on July 1 at 8pm with the premiere of Operation Wild.

The Women of The Crimson Field

The Women of The Crimson Field

Guest blogger Amie Simon presents a primer on The Crimson Field with profiles of its main characters.

About the series, airing Sundays at 10pm and Tuesdays at 3pm on KCTS 9

In a tented field hospital on the coast of France, a team of doctors, nurses and women volunteers work together to heal the bodies and souls of men wounded in the trenches. The hospital is a frontier: between the battlefield and homefront, but also between the old rules, hierarchies, class distinctions and a new way of thinking.

New Season of POV: Episode Lineup + Previews

The critically acclaimed PBS documentary series, POV, returns. This summer viewers will be introduced to even more provocative, compelling and moving documentaries that are unlike anything else on television. Season 28 premieres with Out in the Night on Monday, June 22, at 10pm.

Explore some of POV's summer lineup:

First Peoples, New Five-Part Series

This five-part documentary series is a global detective story that combines archaeology, genetics, and anthropology to cast new light on 200,000 years of human history. First Peoples divides the globe into five regions with an episode focusing on each area. Viewers will explore how the mixing of prehistoric genes has allowed our species to survive and dominate around the globe. First Peoples premieres Wednesday June, 24 at 9pm.

A Chef's Life Marathon + Butterbean Burger Recipe


A Chef’s Life returns to KCTS 9 with a full three-hour marathon! Spend your Saturday afternoon with Chef Vivian Howard and enjoy SIX fresh episodes. Get ready to cook up a storm in your kitchen with the marathon that’s incorporating turnip greens, ramps, and farm-fresh eggs into your favorite recipes. Tune in and watch the marathon of A Chef’s Life at 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 27, and satisfy all your foodie desires with the Emmy Award-winning cooking show.

New British Programming in June

Poldark premieres on Sunday, June 21, at 9pm

UPDATE: Our Sunday night schedule now includes detective drama Scott & Bailey at 11pm, and our Saturday nights now include Moone Boy at 10:30pm. We have updated the following accordingly... An abundance of British programming from across the Commonwealth begins in June, 2015 on KCTS 9. Some premiere episodes, like Vera on June 11, begin new seasons for familiar favourites while others, like Poldark on June 21, introduce exciting new shows. Below is a brief listing of the titles, dates, and related details.

A Guide to Tea in Seattle

The Queen Mary Tea Room

Guest blogger Amie Simon takes us on a tour of the best tea in Seattle, in settings and forms both traditional and modern. She lists a dozen favourite tea rooms and teahouses and takes a closer look at six of them, with a recommended sip from each.

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In honor of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May), KCTS 9 welcomes you to explore the people, places and history that makes up this enriched culture. See what is airing this month:

Empire, New 5-Part Series

In this five-part documentary series, viewers will travel to India, the Middle East, Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and the Far East to trace the rise and fall of the once-vast British Empire. Empire reveals the extraordinary characters, burning ambitions and surprising principles which created an empire four times the size of Ancient Rome’s. Examine how the Age of Empire continues to affect political, technological and social developments in the modern world. 

Empire premieres Sunday, April 26 at 7pm. 

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