film: dodgeball

It's David versus Goliath on the dodgeball court in this animated short from the Vancouver Film School, directed by student Nicolas Torres.

the coffinmaker

The wheel of life. It stops turning for all of us. Filmmaker Dan McComb brings a tender look at a Vashon carpenter who makes earth-friendly caskets.

ReScene: capitol hill

The show producers bike through the colorful streets of Capitol Hill to recreate a neighborhood scene from a 1930s photograph.

high flight w/jet city improv

A dramatic reading of John Gillespie Magee, Jr.'s magnificent poem, High Flight, with interpretive acting courtesy of Jet City Improv. [Jet City Improv]

theremin demo

The musical mainstay of sci-fi movies, the theremin is an electronic instrument that creates some out-of-this-world sounds. 98.1 KING FM’s Bryan Lowe shows us this unique instrument, and how it is played without even touching it. [98.1 Classical KING FM]

film: space bar

What really happened when man first landed on the moon? Find out, as told in this short film from Nicholas Hogan and the Vancouver Film School. [Vancouver Film School]

ghost town

Rock/electronica group Ghost Town finds a worldwide audience through social media.

you're speaking shakespeare

Vancouver BC's Bard on the Beach Artistic Director Christopher Gaze delivers his witty monologue showing how we all are quoting Shakespeare every day without knowing it.

chinatown strut

Here's a piece of advice—never get into a jazz danceoff with a Chinese dragon. Produced by Good Co. and filmed at the Columbia City Theatre in Seattle.

art seen: paige barnes

A journey into the desert with dancer and choreographer Paige Barnes, as she reflects upon her new solo Coyote Adapted.