film: shedding

"Shedding" is a clever play on the history of industrialization by Stefano Marrone, a 2013 graduate of the Vancouver Film School.

drunken telegraph

Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe are so passionate about storytelling, they have started a "storytelling show" in Tacoma. At Drunken Telegraph (named from a famous quote by author Rudyard Kipling when he visited Tacoma) anyone can learn how to tell a story and practice it before a live audience.

writerly resource

The Richard Hugo House in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood is one of the greatest resources for writers and storytellers in the Northwest. Molly Spurgeon interviews Executive Director Tree Swenson and Writer-in-Residence Peter Mountford.

the african artist's journey

Local artist Marita Dingus always wanted to be a visual artist, but didn't discover her path until a trip to Africa. Now she uses her art to keep African and African-American culture alive. Her work is being shown at the Northwest African American Museum.

film: saturday the 14th

Vancouver Film School graduate Kristjan Lyngmo's animated short shows us that the day after Friday the 13th can be just as frightening for the man behind the mask.

music: touché

Seattle band Touché is influenced by Django Reinhardt and the French gypsy jazz that became every popular in pre-war Paris. Featured song: "Minor Swing" by Django Reinhardt.

film: wasabi guy

A 3D-animated introduction to that hot green condiment wasabi created by Vancouver Film School student Chris Ushko.

art seen: first thursday

PIE visits First Thursday in Pioneer Square, the ever-evolving monthly staple for Seattle artists and art-lovers.

jet city improv's blak cloud

Experience Jet City Improv's take on the Salem witch trials, where the audience decides whether someone burns at the stake or is set free.

music: triaxe

Brian Hunsaker, George Varghese and Sergio Ortega are Triaxe, Seattle's very own instrumental rock band. Joined by Jay McAllaster on drums and Gus Apostol on bass, these "shredders" are wowing audiences with high energy music and amazing guitar play.