Board and Management


KCTS Television, a nonprofit corporation, holds the station’s Federal Communications Commission license and is responsible for the financial and broadcasting activities of the station. The following people served on KCTS 9's Board of Directors in 2009-2010.

Robert Flowers, Chair
Nancy Evans, Vice Chair
Michael Coie, Treasurer
Doug Beighle, Secretary
Maurice “Moss” Bresnahan, President/Chief Executive Officer*
Nancy Geiger, Assistant Secretary*

*Non-director positions

Judi Beck
Doug Beighle
Eric Bremner
Michael Coie
Nancy Evans
Anne V. Farrell
Robert Flowers
Christopher Gray
Linda Killinger
Carolyn Lake
Steve Loeb
ChangMook Sohn
John Warner
Stephen Welch

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KCTS 9’s Community Advisory Board is made up of representatives from Washington state and British Columbia who provide advice and perspective on KCTS 9 and KYVE activities. The following people served on KCTS 9's Community Advisory Board between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010.

Jim Pirak, Chair
Doug Picatti, Vice Chair, U.S.
Diana Barkley, Vice Chair, Canada
Randy Brinson, Executive Secretary

Sandy Abraham
Nina Auerbach
Julie Brand
Diane Carlson
Leah Costello
Kathy Buell Cummings
Martha Dankers
Doug Eglington
Diane Forsyth
Norma Fuentes
Shelley Hall
Lisa Heaton
Wesley Henry
Jim Hoggan
Doug Keith
Jane Kilburn
Anita Lammert
Nancy Leahy
Aurora Martin
Amy Meiser
Barbara Mowat
Michael Ogden
Bertha Ortega
Emily Psimoulis
Anne Repass
Jennifer Rice
Greg Ryan
William Schreiber
Suzanne Smith
J.T. Stewart
Bryan Tisdall
David Walsh

Click here to view the current members of KCTS 9's Community Advisory Board.


The KCTS 9 V-me Advisory Council includes representatives from educational, cultural, business and government organizations, as well as the general public, who advise and support our Spanish-language service.

Carmen Esparza
Erasmo Gamboa
Celina Garza
Maria Gillman
Noé Gutierrez
Phyllis Gutiérrez-Kenney
Uriel Iñiguez
Leticia Lucero
Hugo Ludeña
Jorge Madrazo
Bertha Ortega
Margarita Prentice
Bernardo Ruiz
Albert Torres


Maurice “Moss” Bresnahan
President & Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Geiger
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Administration

John Lindsay
Vice President of Content

Beth Savage
Vice President of Development

Daphne Adair
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications

Randy Brinson
Executive Director of Content Development

Enrique Cerna
Executive Director of Production

Jabran Soubeih
Executive Director of Engineering & Technical Planning