#1 in Public Trust

America’s most-trusted institution, year after year

Thanks to the bipartisan polling team of Hart Research/American Viewpoint, PBS can hear directly from its most important stakeholder—the American public. And once again, Americans across the political spectrum say they view PBS as highly trusted and an excellent taxpayer value.

For the eighth year in a row, Americans have ranked PBS as the country’s most-trusted institution. Forty-four percent of those polled say they have “a great deal” of trust in PBS. When respondents were asked to rate the best value for taxpayer dollars, support for PBS ranked second only to support for military defense.

On the topic of federal funding for public broadcasting, the poll found:

  • overwhelming public opposition to proposals to eliminate government funding of public broadcasting, with voters across the political spectrum opposed to such a cut, including 83% of Democrats, 69% of Independents, and 56% of Republicans.
  • nearly 8 in 10 voters (79%) believe that PBS should receive “the same amount of government funding” (49%), or “more government funding” (30%) than it currently receives.
  • six out of ten voters (61%) believe the consequences of defunding PBS would be a “massive loss” (24%) or “significant loss for the country” (37%).

We are proud to have our viewers’ trust, thanks to thoughtful PBS programming like FRONTLINE, PBS NewsHour, Nature and Masterpiece, as well as our own local productions such as Conversations at KCTS 9 and KCTS 9 Connects—all made possible by viewers like you.

Source: 2011 Hart Research/American Viewpoint Poll (PDF), 804 registered voters, February 11-13, 2011, ±3.5%.