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About KCTS 9's Footage Library

KCTS 9 has a vast collection of high-definition and standard-definition footage from our award-winning programs such as "Over Alaska," "Over America," "Over California," "Over British Columbia," "Rainier: the Mountain," "Over Chicago," "Over Ireland," "Washington D.C. Our Nation's Capitol," "Chihuly Over Venice," "The Greatest Good," "Chefs 'A Field," "Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen," "Smart Travels with Rudy Maxa," "Graham Kerr's Gathering Place," "The Seasoned Traveler" - to name a few.

As producers and content developers, we are the licensing entity that holds the copyright to all the footage in our collection, and we stand behind our rights in our contract with you. You are indemnified against copyright claims, eliminating clearance hassles. We maintain a comprehensive database of our holdings, which is a collection that contains our best stock, archival and documentary footage.


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